What is OptiFast

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So as promised I would like to share what Optifast is…it’s a 26week program that uses meal replacement shakes, soups and bars. It’s done at a clinic and your always supervised by a physician (mine is Dr. Angela Tran and she is an amazing doctor, she was actually my primary care doc for years before she opened her weight loss clinic.) You have a trainer (mines name is Rachel and she’s the bomb.com as Tamar Braxton would say lol) and nutritionist (Rachel again) and a medical assistant (mines is Breandra..hmm I don’t think I spelled that right) anyway she’s amazing as well.

So everyday I get 5 products to have, this is my third week on the program and I’ve learned I’m not big on the soups or ready to make shakes, I prefer the ready to drink shakes and the bars..I have an exercise program that Rachel set up for me that I follow daily. (Well not today or yesterday but don’t tell her..lol) I also drink tons of water, sometimes I feel like I live in the bathroom πŸ™‚

The reason I picked this program is you can lose weight quickly with the products but after that they teach you how to transition to eat real food…also every week you receive counseling..mine is with Dr. Tran and she is soooo supportive, I don’t even have to wait for the next week I can call, text or email her and she is right there to help me work through it.

For example last week I was home and bored and decided I was stressed and needed to eat something good….you know how it is you feed your body that drug (food) that helps you get through it…well I sent her a text telling her how I was feeling and she called me right back and we talked and got to the bottom of what I was really feeling which was boredom. So instead I made myself a cup of tea and got up and started doing things. It truly helped!!

You also receive a binder with tons of great information like, body image, eating style, building support and a lot more if anyone is interested I can write them all down and share it with you.

I hope no one thinks I’m trying to sell them optifast, I’m just sharing with everyone what I chose and what has worked for me. I will include links so you can check them out.