Dealing with stress and not eating a sundae!

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There’s a quote I read the other day and I loved it….it said..

Don’t reward yourself with a treat, you are not a dog /

Do you find yourself doing this? I realize I was actually doing it even with my kids. For example if they did good on their homework, if you have a good day, a bad day, an emotional day….a blah blah blah blah day….. so you get my point?? so what would i say, “ok let’s go have ice cream” Hurray!!! Lol …I remember back in the day it seemed like there was absolutely nothing that a peanut buster parfait wouldn’t fix lol!! Well the great thing about that is that I’m vegan and don’t even like to think about eating ice cream but I have to work on not eating the fries too. Another great thing I learned today was my very first thought after dealing with the stress….”man I need to hit the treadmill” sigh…I do believe there is hope for me after all!! πŸ™‚

There is hope for all of us if we quit rewarding behaviors with food. I just want to share a few little items I bought myself for my “treat” πŸ™‚ it’s 2 scented candles, a key chain, and a hand sanitizer holder & bottle…how cute!! And I spent maybe one or two dollars over the price of I’ve cream.

So next time you need a “treat” buy yourself a scented candle, or a cute key chain…anything besides food because guess what…you will have them a lot longer than a treat… and what a nice reminder to have and look at and say “oh yeah, i can do this”.

I hope I helped one person who reads this to know we are not animals and should not treat our bodies as such..