Hmmm how did I forget my diabetes?

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Soo I’m really a bone head…I seriously forgot about my diabetes & taking care of it. (I know how the heck do you forget a disease like that??). How did I remember….my feet!

Since I’ve been being a good girl and working out……..well who are we kidding y’all know its from my working it the other night in those heels. πŸ™‚ but seriously I was running (ok ok jogging) on the treadmill last night & I noticed my big toe was hurting really bad & my blister still hadn’t healed from 2 weeks ago so I had to call Kaiser because it hit me…your a diabetic dummy & you have to protect your feet.

Well I went in and have blisters on both feet and she told me to rest my feet and not wear heels for 2 weeks…WHAT??? I love my heels, they make me feel thin and tall and gorgeous!!! Sigh***** oh well I will be obedient and where my old lady shoes 😦 I also have to just walk and not run when I’m working out.

Soooooooo of course there is a lesson here (thought you were going to get away without one huh). We have to walk (go slow in our lifestyle journey, this isn’t a diet or temporary) and not try to run (do things that are unhealthy) to our goals. If we lose a pound a week or maybe we hit a plateau in our workout, that’s ok because we are still moving our bodies, not eating junk and making a conscience decision to change. I would love to lose 5lbs a week, but I’m happy with the 2 I achieved this week….and I hope each of you are happy with your small or large accomplishments.

As always, 1 to 1,000 pounds we can do it!! (By the way, if you do have diabetes please make sure you are watching your blood glucose levels…when you exercise & lose weight it can affect you so be sure to stay close to your medical team.)


(Oh yeah I got 3 shots today!!! OUCH!!!!, just wanted sympathy) πŸ˜‰