A divas weight loss journey

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Welcome to all the women (and hopefully men too) who are out there trying to get healthy before the new year. I would like to share my weight loss progress with all of you…so this is kind of like my personal journal where I would write all my ups and downs in, I’ve decided to share this journey with others who are going through it too.

I just started an optifast program and I’m loving it. Optifast is a meal replacement plan where you can choose ready to drink shakes (my faves), shakes you make yourself, soup, and meal replacement bars like chocolate, berry and my fav..peanut butter!! So tomorrow I will start to get into it as its almost 11 here & rest is extremely important. So hopefully your as excited about this as me…ttyl.


4 thoughts on “A divas weight loss journey

  1. I just started the mindset of losing weight today. I’ll think about meal-replacement method. Thanks and good luck to us!

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