I’m sorry I’m sick…..

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Do you know how many times a day I apologize for being sick? It’s too many to even count πŸ˜”….I hate feeling like I’m a burden to any/every one. People always tell me I’m not, but there actions say different….

So I had to go back to the hospital on Wednesday because I was having this weird sensation in my chest…I didn’t know if I was being overly paranoid or if something was wrong. So I call my cardiologist around 12/1ish. They called me back after 5 (good thing I was not dying, right!!!) and of course they told me to go in & get checked…let me tell y’all how I tried my darnest to get out of going to the hospital….I promised to go first thing in the morning & told her how much I hated going in……..didn’t work though.

So….”I’m sorry, I’m sick”….

Get to the ER and everybody is all over me..putting leads on my chest, taking my blood pressure, drawing blood, asking me 1,000 questions, sticking IV’s in my arms…..whew….this all happened in about 5 minutes…(you now must know I didn’t go to St. Joseph’s I went to Skyridge..hopefully where I can go from here on out.)

Again, “I’m sorry for being sick”…….

So after all my test they come and tell me that my blood is waaaayyyy to thin & that I needed to be seen by my primary doctor the next day. (Nooooo not another appointment). I ask them about my numbers and they tell me my levels should be between 2-3…okay…..mine was 8.8!! What’s that mean? If I were to get any cut on my body I was at risk to bleed out! HUH??? Yep!! If I had a bloody nose or seen blood when I go to the bathroom…I could be bleeding internally 😳.

Sigh…..”I’m sorry for being sick”……

I’m grateful that I did go to the hospital….who knows what could have happened! unfortunately, I’m still not feeling good & may have to go back in….


(It’s hard to believe by just looking at me I’m this sick….. Never judge a book by its cover….The cover may look beautiful but when you open it up you see how the pages have been ripped, dirt & oil on them & just a mangled mess. Or you could have a book that the cover is beaten, dirty and just ugly….. But when u open it you see the book is beautiful & looks brand new…)


(Still being me & silly…..this look was done to celebrate my Denver Bronco’s AFC West Championship!!!)

2 thoughts on “I’m sorry I’m sick…..

  1. J. thanks for sharing your personal life experiences, very inspiring to say the least. I hope you continue to blog especially after this next phase that you are about to go through, I look forward to witnessing you over come all obstacles and trials. I’m praying for strength for you as well as your family.

    • Awwww J, thank you soooo much. It’s great friends like you, who help me get through this journey. Thank you & I love you and the family.

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