Big lesson learned on a Saturday night…

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Sooooo let me start by saying I’m so sorry to my followers and myself. 😦 I made a rookie dumb mistake tonight and hopefully I won’t have to pay for it on the scales Tuesday.

I went to a gathering to tell some dear friends goodbye as they are moving to California and this was their farewell party…I ate 4 of my products today before the gathering so I thought I would be ok…NOT!! Ok, the first thing is I’m a vegan and really don’t like to eat any type of animal product (those who are close to me can tell ya)…so when I saw there was some type of enchiladas I chuckled to myself & thought “whew they thought they was gonna get me.” Now I can’t tell you who the heck “they” is, but I thought I had won. Well I guess we had been there for about 2 hours and out of NO where (seriously freaky) I started smelling those enchiladas and I felt like Bruce from finding nemo!! Remember they were having their little “fish our are friends meeting” & then Dory’s nose bled and he smelled it and the other sharks tried to stop him and he said.. I’m Having Fish Tonight!!! Well that was me….I guess I just let myself get to hungry because all of a sudden I was having them enchiladas..with the cheese and meat!

Ugh!!! Ok just thinking about it makes my stomach hurt and actually after 3 bites I was done…but the fact that I would even allow myself to make a plate of it is very saddening to me. I’m working hard to get healthy and I can’t believe that I let myself down…so I decided to “work it off” while I was 4 inch wedge heels.. Yeah I learned how to Wobble, and Cupid shuffle and whip my hair back and forth, all the time in my shoes!! That has to burn extra calories…right?? πŸ™‚ just nod your head and agree with me please lol and thank you.

All in all I did have fun and I didn’t get too down on myself about my choices (except eating animal yuck) I realize there will be other Saturday nights where temptation will likely be, but if I plan accordingly I will be fine and so will you guys.

So for those of us on our weight loss journey this is what we need to do.
1. Plan ahead, one friend actually bought her own food to the function…and drink lots of water.
2. If you do eat something eat small portions and if possible eat a salad before your meal.
3. And this is a big one…if your not able to say no to the food right now, decline the invite. It’s ok If your going through a lot & your trying to watch what you eat & the temptation would be too much.

Remember how many minutes you have to walk/run on that treadmill just to burn 100 calories, and then think how in less than 60 seconds you can eat a candy bar, drink a pop, an grab a cookie. Those calories can total 500+. So it’s not worth it if you can’t control your portions and what your putting in your mouth.

So tonight I would like to leave you with a picture of my poor feet in them shoes lol!!!!(oh yeah another big lesson..don’t wear heels when your going to be on ya feet for 5hours!! Lol

Hope this helps at least one person to know..your not alone.




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