Survived a stressful week…and no cake!

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I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues lately and really haven’t had much to say…..well nothing really positive. Then it hit me! I had a baby shower for my sister here at my home and I didn’t eat any cake!! πŸ™‚

I did nibble here and there on carrots and olives & a tiny piece of a sandwich, but I didn’t eat the junk!! I realize I need to celebrate all of my accomplishments even if they seem small at the time. I’ve been dealing with an enormous amount of stress the last week and I’ve held my own!! As I’ve told you before ice cream was my comforter but I’m actually learning how to cope with the stress without food.

How have I done it….PRAYER, first and foremost!!!! Then I really leaned on my support system, went for walks and kept my mind occupied. It also helped that I didn’t have any junk food in the house and with my car still in the shop, I couldn’t just go get something.

So lessons learned….

1. Pray about your struggles and have faith that you can over come your food addictions…
2. I can get through trials without food..
3. Don’t keep junk food in the house….
4. Definitely have some support & reach out to them!
5. Celebrate me….why, because I love me no matter how much I weigh.



10 thoughts on “Survived a stressful week…and no cake!

  1. Those are some useful tips to follow because getting rid of all processed foods, helped me overcome all the cravings I used to have ; nowadays, when I see them at the store, or at a friends house,I’m not tempted anymore! Keep up the great discipline you’ve got going on :))

    • Yeah processed food is the worst and does make you have bad cravings..I can say in all honesty it can get me…thanks for your encouragement & kind words!!

  2. The world is covered with perfect bodies on billboards. It’s no wonder we forget to love ourselves from within first.

  3. That is one thing that I had to learn is to embrace those small things. There is so many negatives in the world around us each and every day. It’s very easy to see those, so I have to look for the positives even if they are small, I try and look for them each day. You are doing GREAT!!!! That is a huge thing to not give in and eat the cake, or junk food when it is around.

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