Week four…and still struggling (long but good)

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To any of you who actually read my blog I apologize for not posting anything yesterday I thought, well even God took the seventh day off πŸ™‚ j/k

Anyway…I’ve not been doing so good this weekend..when you have any addiction (drugs, alcohol, food) once you get a taste of it, it’s extremely hard to get the taste out. As I shared with you on Saturday night I ate animal and a cookie (for shame I didn’t reveal that). Well yesterday as always I started out good with shakes, but then when we had friends over to watch the game (side note: whoo hooo Denver Broncos!!) and I ordered pizza and wings and a friend bought cookies and cake. Ugh!!!! Why oh why….she also bought some fried green beans. (Green Beans are ok right?? Yeah I know I know not if they are deep fried lol) but I only ate four, to which everyone’s reply was that’s not enough food for you. Again I told them I have my shakes from optifast for my weight loss. Well long story short (I know it really…doesn’t sound like it haha) I end up eating 3 bites of pizza (yucky cheese) and I had 2 cookies. Sigh*********** I know, no will power.

So anyway I’m not feeling the best today so I decided to actually do my lesson for the week…Building Confidence. This hit me in a really big way…they give you 10 ways to build self confidence so I went through each one and I was slapped in the face….it’s like someone has been peeking in my windows to see what I’m doing and then wrote about it!! (Sounds familiar huh Ebony lol)

1. Fulfill your needs:

it brings out how only I can make myself happy and no one else. It also said to quit trying to solve other people’s problems, making them happy, or saving them from the consequences of their behavior.

I have to be honest…this is one of my biggest issues. I have a huge heart and I want to make everything ok for those I love, but I’m so focused on the others that I forget to help me… That’s why I have been having “cheats” everywhere. Carrying around guilt for not being able to undue someone else’s mistake.

2. (Actually its their number 5 but I can’t give you all of them)lol. Stop fighting change:

you’ll need to be willing to give up things the way they are in order to have them the way they can be. Learn to live with change and enjoy it

Again, another area I struggle with…I’m use to going out to eat with my family…going to the movies and having a giant bag of popcorn (w/o butter of course) and now it seems like because I can’t eat, we just don’t go and I miss that with them.

3. (Their number 6…. U know the rest) Keep company with positive people:

Negative people sap your energy and creativity with their constant put downs, complaints, self defeating thoughts, feelings and actions. Seek out positive people.

This one is self explaining… I don’t even think people realize how their negativity hurts me…just saying things like “what a waste of money” or “your just going to gain the weight back”. It’s hard but I’m working on staying away from that!

So in summary I see where I need to put my thinking hat at…I need to know its ok for me to be happy and the only person who can really do it is me (and my hubby) :). It’s ok if I go out to dinner with my family and only have a small cup of soup or green salad…it’s the company that’s fulfilling….and last but definitely not least…if your not a supporter of me, then your against me and I have the right to say Heck No!! Because I truly deserve more than that… We all do! So when you see someone trying to get up and change, please don’t kick them down and tell them they can’t do it, because we ALL can change!! I don’t care if you need to lose 1 or 1,000 pounds..we can do it!!

So, now that I got that off my chest I must say I feel better and I’m looking forward to learning and growing through this wonderful journey and I thank those of you who are going with me.


8 thoughts on “Week four…and still struggling (long but good)

  1. Hi. Saw your post on the Optifast FB page and came over to check out your blog. I am also a mom of 3 kids and just starting week 4. I also started a blog when I began the program – http://optifastmom.wordpress.com/. Haven’t made it pretty or updated it in the last week due to a death in the family but hope to get back into it soon. Optifast-wise, things are going great! I’m really enjoying the experience. I’ll check back and follow your journey!

  2. Hi, also saw your post on the Optifast FB page. I have been blogging since beginning my journey back in February. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I can’t say enough great things about the program. Glad you posted the link to your blog so I’ll be following you along (and checking out Optifastmom above too!).

  3. Omg J! This post really speaks to me! There is nothing worse than negative people! I have dealt with them my whole life and usually have always let them bring me down! Everything u said is so so true! Like I made the decision, the long thought out and educated decision, to finally get gastric bypass done. I am thrilled and excited as I post in my blog. But there is nothing worse than those that say, “everyone I know gained the weight back” or, ” are u sure ur really ready to give all this food up?!” it’s like yes!!!!!!! Plus I really did my research and I am the only one who can control my success or failure with this procedure so butt out!!!!! Lol πŸ™‚

    • That’s right girl!!! Be your best supporter and tell the haters to go get a life while you are looking good & getting healthy!!! Get um girl!!

  4. It’s the food .. change the food .. change your life .. I lost 40lbs over 14 months and each pound forward was a new me emerging .. the beauty is in the discipline .. negativity you can deflect and move away from even within your own family / friend network .. sometimes we just have to do that .. today I posted up a quote of the week you may like .. have a super day everyone .. cheers

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