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I thought that blogging about my journey would make me feel better..I was wrong. :(. Sometimes I feel like applying what we were all taught when we were young..

Don’t say anything unless you have something nice to say

Sometimes it’s very hard to let complete strangers into my journey…well actually I don’t mind you’s friends and family that cause me stress….Why?

I’ll tell ya…most of them don’t even read my blog and if they do…well..let’s just say my feedback hasn’t been the most helpful or encouraging.

Sigh…..I’m really not feeling it these last few days. My health has been down which makes my moods down and then I go into a depression and guess what I want to It’s such a battle trying to change your lifestyle. Especially, when those around you aren’t doing the same 😦 I get invited out to eat at least twice a week..sometimes I go..sometimes I stay home.

I was just hoping that by sharing my journey with people I could be inspiring and encouraging…but at the end of the day (ugh..been watching WAY to many reality shows lol) I was feeling more discouraged than anything.

BUT…..drum roll please……I’m not giving up!! I’m going to continue to blog (my goal is everyday) and to continue to be honest with myself and my 1 follower lol….this will help me to be accountable to me and you…as a matter of fact please email me if you notice I’m MIA (missing in action).

Just for fun I’d like to see who actually reads my blog (family & friends)….if you actually read this, please email me (or post it on my wall on FB) and tell me what your favorite animal is…lol…and if you don’t its ok…hopefully my journey will encourage at least one person on the road of wellness.


P.S. I have lost 17lbs so far…and I want to run in my first marathon next year :). More details to follow..

6 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Keep going! You’re doing great! Don’t worry so much about inspiring others. That will come from just being yourself. Use this as a device to hold yourself accountable. Use the community here for support.

  2. Don’t give up!!! Please don’t listen to your family and friends they are haters and jealous because you are doing something with your life the same thing has happen to me, and I am loosing a lot of friends but I am gaining more in the blogging community!! I will be your second follower!!! Just post and keep up the good work and do your marathon..

  3. J u are inspiring and encouraging! I love ur blog! πŸ™‚ and with every great accomplishment are struggles! We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have em so don’t be too hard on yourself! πŸ™‚ it is tough with family sometimes. They think they are helping but just don’t get it all the time. Btw I love too many animals to mention. Lol

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