A very new journey…..

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Sitting here in the hospital feeling a little better ☺️. (In case your wondering why I’m in the hospital (day 3) is I have a blood clot in my lung and I’m in heart failure…very bad failure. Ejection fraction should be 50-55% and mine is only 20%. I’m not overly worried about it, I’m here getting the meds and help I need.) So I had an aha moment! I realize that this is my journey and I’m going to share it, maybe it can help someone or maybe not.

I started this blog when I was doing optifast and felt like I needed to share my experience and be encouraging & inspiring. Some how though I lost my way……… I wanted to be sooo inspiring to other people that I forgot to inspire myself.

With that said, I’m going to re-start this journey. I may encourage one person, or maybe none…but at this point in time I need to encourage ME. Here is where I can be myself. Sometimes I regret people knowing who I am because that’s the fear that kept me away. I didn’t want people to…..hmm, judge me. 😉

I realize that every time I hit “post” I’m sharing it with the world. The very sad thing about it is, strangers seem to be more encouraging than people I see all the time! But….I just don’t care anymore. I am ME and you can either take ME as I am or keep it pushing. I’m not trying to offend anyone either….I am just trying to be ME. (“Sanging”the Mary J. Blige song lol)

Annnnnyyyyywwwaaayyyyy….I’m sitting here thinking about my life and how I coulda, woulda, shoulda…and realize……that’s a huge waste of time!! (And unnecessary stressor, I have enough, thank you very much).

1. Yes I could have slept with my C-Pap machine 5 years ago when I got it (maybe even 7 years 😳) but I didn’t.
2. Yes I could have kept up with tracking my diabetes.
3. Yes I should have been exercising and keeping my weight down.
4. Yes I should have seen the cardiologist more.
5. Yes I could have taken my meds better.
6. One of my biggest issues….I could have learned to deal with my STRESS adequately!!

And so on and so on….the fact is…I can’t whew I wish to God there was change anything I did yesterday. I can take note of my mistakes and pray not to make the same ones…and to grow from them.

SO having said all of that…today I will: (and only today, not worry or be anxious of tomorrow, Jesus said “Who can add one cubit of your life by worrying about the next day”. Matthew 6:27.)

1. Do my bible reading.
2. Keep track of what I eat. (Write it down).
3. Keep track of my blood sugars & pressure.
4. Enjoy today.
5. Hug & kiss my family
6. Smile

(If you are reading this I hope and pray you have a great Saturday) 🙂



2 thoughts on “A very new journey…..

  1. Hi Janice! I wasn’t aware of all that you are going through. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I have seen a side of you I have never seen before. I like your blog. Just know that Jehovah is always there for you even when you think that nobody cares about you. Jehovah always cares for you, he always has your back, he is always there for you. I have been reminded of this myself lately. Jehovah knows what you’re going through and he gives you what you need when you need it. He works through people. What’s helped me throught trials and challenges and now with the journey that my family and I are on with relocating and trying to get settled is praying and crying out to Jehovah, relying on Jehovah, distancing myself from negative people, surrounding myself with positive, supportive people, reading scriptures that are uplifting, focusing on what I “can do”, focusing on things to look forward to,focusing on my business at the time, doing things that make me feel good, filling my mind with positivity and spending time with my husband and daughter. I know that what we are dealing with doesn’t even compare to shat you are dealing with. I agree that “pain changes people and make them stronger.” You have a positive attitude. Keep it up. I find that helps me. When I am down I talk to the few people who are encouraging, positive and supportive of me. Hang in there Janice! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. ((((HUGS)))) 🙂

    • Awwww thank you sister!!! Your words of encouragement are extremely heart warming and very much appreciated!! Love you and I pray for your journey as well!! I appreciate your passion for your health and helping others to feel better too!

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